Welcome to “Mini Wedding World” – Adding tiny people in wedding day detail photos is a great way to add a little more fun and creativity to the same ring photo’s we’ve seen again and again.

While I love portraits and candids during the wedding day, detail photos are so special because they are often the only thing you’ll have to remember of the flowers, cake, and other small details that you dreamed and planned for years. It has been said that planning a wedding takes a village, so I took that idea to another (smaller) level. Sometimes it actually seems that there really is a village of tiny people that help all of those details come together in the end!

What would it look like if there was another group of tiny helpers getting things ready, or playing and having fun? Everyday objects and situations can become entirely different worlds when looked at with a different perspective and some imagination. Some of the story scenes so far include ring photos, a construction crew cleaning up makeup, two men reading on a cigar, painters painting the roses red and white as well as the wedding cake, and skiers over the lace and beading of the wedding dress. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a blast playing with them coming up with poses for them during wedding days and since it only takes a few minutes, they aren’t a distraction from the important moments I love capturing. I can’t wait to continue to incorporate these mini wedding world stories into this year’s weddings as well!

Move on over, Polly Pocket..the 90’s are over and we’ve got weddings to plan!

nashville proposal photography

A proposal during Stephanie and Justin’s Houston Station wedding.wedding makeup tiny peopleskiing on dresstiny people skiing on dresswedding riding bikes

Biking with the rings during Jillian and Eric’s Arrington Vineyard Wedding.nashville wedding cakeMini wedding world scuba diverswhite wedding roses creative photographypainting white roseswedding eye makeup volleyballsitting on ring tiny peoplepainting the roses red tiny peoplewedding cigarClimbers tiny people




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