Oh hey. Pinterest is the modern day version of little girls dreaming of their perfect wedding day. Right?

When you pin that “OMG” pin for your wedding day (all you single girls), do you ever wonder where the inspiration starts? Tiffanie Elliott reminded me of the joy of the creative process this weekend after I asked her where she got the idea for Sarah’s dreamy centerpieces. I was expecting her to tell me to look at her pinterest board, or that she saw it in a magazine or something. Nope. “She just envisioned it”. This girls got a gift for visualization, not to mention always orchestrating a seamless wedding day. Dear Brides..your vendors are important. Sincerely, your photographer. 😉

Sarah and Michael had the perfect wedding day. No really. Right down to the “love at first sight” love story. Sarah was in Alpha Chi with me, and she truly is so beautiful and sweet inside and out. After taking their engagement photos and getting to meet Michael..I never would have approved of any man for this girl. He passed the test. Their wedding was more perfect/gorgeous/fun/happy than I could have imagined. Expect a more detailed post later..but here are some favorites. Sarah and Michael..thankyou from the bottom of my heart for letting me get to share your day with you!!


Oh..and the centerpieces I’m in love with. This concept of combining roses with a non “bush” foundation, with the simple accessory crystals..combined with the double rose themed base. I could write a whole blog piece on this centerpiece. Stop me now.

The bride and groom shared two 3 tiered cakes. Michael was in the Navy and I love how the cake incorporated that! (as did the reception)..while Sarah’s reflected her wedding colors and theme as well.

I love it when bridesmaids prove my front and center theory true. It works y’all.


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