Nashville Proposals / Arrington Vineyards Proposal / Chelsea and Sam

“Back in September, Sam’s brother had the idea to plan a trip to Nashville, TN for New Year’s Eve. We had a group of six that were on board right away, so we booked an Airbnb and that was that. To my understanding, the idea to propose came about the week before Thanksgiving. Over the course of the next month, Sam’s sister and her boyfriend decided to join, as well as another cousin of mine. I suspected nothing of it! We left Friday evening, December 29, and stayed in Cincinnati that night to break up the drive. The following day, December 30, is Sam’s sister’s birthday. She had the idea to go to Arrington Vineyards first thing as soon as we got to Nashville, since we couldn’t check in to our Airbnb until 3 P.M. I thought it was a wonderful idea since Sam and I had visited the winery on our first trip to Nashville over a year ago and absolutely loved it.

We arrived, and on our way to the main lodge where the wine tastings are, a woman with a camera asked to take a group picture for the winery’s website. Someone then asked if she would take couple pictures as well. Sam and I were the last couple to take our picture, and as I went to walk away he grabbed my arm saying, “Hey, look at me.” I saw him reach for his pocket and that’s when I realized what was happening. My legs were shaking and my jaw dropped. He got down on one knee and from here I can’t remember all of the details, but I said “Really??” then “YES!”

I then asked if my family knew about it. Just then, I saw a line of 4 cars driving up the lane honking their horns with people hanging out of the windows; our whole entire families were here in Nashville with us.

I was the happiest girl in the world and was still in shock over the whole entire thing. We took a few more pictures and celebrated with delicious wine. We decided to go to Broadway to continue the celebration. I wanted to stop at our Airbnb first to put a cute outfit and make-up on. The group texted us saying that they were at “The Stage” on the 3rd floor. We arrived and as we were walking up the stairs I said to my fiancé, “no more surprises, right?” He replied, “no more surprises.” As we walked in, everyone screamed “SURPRISE!” and I immediately saw four of my best friends and four of Sam’s best friends. There was not a single thing that could have made the day better, and now we were able to ring in 2018 in our favorite city with all of the people closest to our hearts.”

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