5 Surprising Bridesmaid Duties that You’ll Want to Know
Here’s the thing, no bride wants to burden their bridesmaids during the happiest time of their life. She wants it to be a party. She wishes you’d love those matching, floor length satin, purple get-ups (and totally wear them again). She would much rather shield you from sharing in her seating arrangement dilemma and cousin Sally’s vegan food only drama. But sometimes that doesn’t happen, and knowledge is power when it comes to effective bridesmaid prep. Here’s a list of everything you need to know to be the very best bridesmaid you can be.
1. They NEED you to help them plan.
Somewhere in the realm of bridesmaid duty 101, this one has fallen by the way-side. Maybe it’s due to the invention of Pinterest and that girls seem to have their wedding day perfectly planned before their 5th birthday. Never the less, ideas change and brides often find themselves clammoring over hydrangeas or peonies (or both) more often than naught. They need you to offer sound opinions or to just listen. Ask to tag along with her while driving by the reception venue for the 15th time. It’s really overwhelming to choose a font on the most important invitation of their lives, and if you offer to help (or care) you’ll surely win bridesmaid of the year.
2.  Ask what YOUR specific “day-of” role will be.
“Ask not what your bridesmaid can do for you. Ask what you can do for your bridesmaid”. That mindset may have worked for JFK, but it’s not working for the bride on her wedding day. You need to know how you can specifically help her on the “day of”. Does she need you to be in charge of wrapping and delivering the groom’s present? Can you handle lighting all the candles at the alter or dropping off a check to the band at the reception? Ask her a few weeks before the big day, and make sure you’re 100% on it. Even if she doesn’t think of something right away, keep checking in. This will ensure things are as smooth as silk for her special day.
3. You’re in charge of lunch (and/or breakfast).
Have you ever been in the middle of the desert without food or water? Because this is what it can feel like to a bridal party who realizes they have about 5 seconds in-between getting their make-up done and wedding pictures. And what’s worse than a bridezilla? A “hangry” bridezilla. Plan ahead to make sure you avoid any stomach growls with sub sandwich platters, plenty of fruit & cheeses, trail mix, or any other protein packed snack. Ask the bridal party before hand to make sure they don’t have any food restrictions or allergies, and then make a quick shopping trip the day before. Bonus- word on the street is Chick-Fil-A uses some sort of voodoo magic in their chicken nugget platters, which are guaranteed to make any bridal party much more upbeat.
4. Gather the details she’ll want photographed.
“Hey, the photographer’s here. Would you like me to get them started with all your sweet details?” How I WISH I heard more bridesmaids ask their brides this question! The “getting ready” process can be pretty hectic, and one thing that is guaranteed to relieve some stress is to have someone take charge with the photographer. You know her the best, so why not capture a few of her most treasured details while she’s having her 79 buttons and loops fastened? Find her heirloom earrings, grab that diamond engagement ring, and locate her dad’s custom kerchief. Just remember to promptly put them back exactly where you found them!
5. Acting excited is a requirement, even if it kills you.
From the moment you receive the text, “will you be my bridesmaid?”, you have a new mission in life. This girl just asked you to stand beside her on one of the most important days of her life. When you try on the bridesmaid dress and your hips look bigger than Texas? Act excited. When she suggests Las Vegas for her bachelorette trip next weekend? Act excited. When she repeats the proposal story for the 1,942,124th time? Act excited. Because chances are that one day you’ll be standing in her shoes, and you’ll expect nothing less than excitement when you suggest choreographing your recessional to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.
Weddings are truly one of the most magical and sacred events, and how wonderful that you get to share in the occasion! With your help and attention to detail, you will be completely prepared to rock this special day.
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